China. New Power Dynamics in the XXi Century
China. New Power Dynamics in the XXi Century


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Preliminares (PDF)

Introduction (PDF)

A. Introduction

B. China and its Civilizing Force

C. The Chinese Cosmovision and its Interpreters

D. The Construction of Power in China

E. The Forms of Power in the Chinese State

F. The Power of the Chinese State. A Developer State?

G. Synthesis

H. References

A. Introduction

B. Japan and the Clash of Civilizations of the 19th Century

C. Japan and the Asian Model of Development

D. Final Reflections

E. References

A. Introduction

B. BRI or a Return to the Origin

C. BRI, ¿Clash of Civilizations?

D. BRI and the Second Reform and China’s Opening

E. BRI or Geopolitical Reform

F. The Economic Reform. Made in China 2025

G. The Reform of Power. Constitutional Reform of 2018

H. Final Considerations

I. References

A. Introduction

B. The Global Disorder. General Considerations

C. The Global Disorder. Some of its Challenges

D. The Global Disorder. The Asian Factor

E. The China-United States Debate

F. References

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