From the Atlantic to the Pacific. The New Global Order
From the Atlantic to the Pacific. The New Global Order


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Preliminary (PDF)

Preface (PDF)

Curzio, Leonardo

Introduction (PDF)

Oropeza García, Arturo

Eurasia or the challenge to build a new global order

    I. Return to the silk route?
    II. Asia and the West or the debate on development
    III. The struggle for the new global order
    IV. Mexico and its circumstances

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: hinge or con frontation between the Atlantic and the Pacific?

    I. Introduction
    II. Pacific or Atlantic? That is the dilemma
    III. The eagle or the dragon: a new dilemma
    IV. Strengths and integration of East Asia and Pacific Asia
    V. The TPP: hinge or confrontation between China and the United States?

China and the BRICS project: skepticism or amazement?

    I. Introduction
    II. The BRICS in the framework of a global economy under construction
    III. The rupture from the Bretton Woods System and the rise of the BRICS
    IV. The relevant role of China within the BRICS group
    V. Goodbye neo-liberalism? Welcome market socialism?
    VI. The world according to new trends

China: the pacific economic miracle

    I. Introduction
    II. Economic development as a state priority
    III. Evaluation and conclusion

The Law as leverage for development

    I. Chinese Law during the Mao Zedong Era
    II. Chinese Law during the Deng Xiaoping Era



India and its tryst with destiny

    I. India and the 21st century
    II. India, the Indecipherable
    III. India and its arguments
    IV. Caste and poverty: a gordian knot
    V. India-China or the dance of the giants
    VI. India and its tryst with destiny
    VII. Final considerations

Russia in the XXI century: decline or resurgence?

    I. Introduction
    II. Russia, identity problem
    III. Twentieth century: a shared leadership
    IV. Decline or resurgence?
    V. The assets of the future

Bibliography (PDF)

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