Legal Profession Reform Index for Mexico, June 2011
Legal Profession Reform Index for Mexico, June 2011


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Executive Summary

Mexico Background

Legal Context

Historical Context

Overview of the Legal Profession

Organizations of Legal Professionals

Mexico LPRI 2011 Analysis

Table of Factor Correlations

I. Professional Freedoms and Guarantees

Factor 1: Ability to Practice Law Freely

Factor 2: Professional Immunity

Factor 3: Access to Clients

Factor 4: Lawyer­Client Confidentiality

Factor 5: Equality of Arms

Factor 6: Right of Audience

II. Education, Training, and Admission to the Profession

Factor 7: Academic Requirements

Factor 8: Preparation to Practice Law

Factor 9: Qualification Process

Factor 10: Licensing Body

Factor 11: Non­-Discriminatory Admission

III. Conditions and Standards of Practice

Factor 12: Formation of Independent Law Practice

Factor 13: Resources and Remuneration

Factor 14: Continuing Legal Education

Factor 15: Minority and Gender Representation

Factor 16: Professional Ethics and Conduct

Factor 17: Disciplinary Proceedings and Sanctions

IV. Legal Services

Factor 18: Availability of Legal Services

Factor 19: Legal Services for the Disadvantaged

Factor 20: Alternative Dispute Resolution

V. Professional Associations

Factor 21: Organizational Governance and Independence

Factor 22: Member Services

Factor 23: Public Interest and Awareness Programs

Factor 24: Role in Law Reform

List of Acronyms

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