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Volume VII, Number 1
July - December 2014
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Mexican Law Review. Nueva Serie Volume VII, Number  1
Preliminares  [Pdf]

Legal Challenges of Biometric Immigration Control Systems  [Pdf]
Díaz, Vanessa

Regulating Mexican Biobanks for Human Biomedical Research: What Can Be Learned from the European Experience?  [Pdf]
Soto Gómez, Liliana

Transitional Justice, Human Rights and the Restoration of Credibility: Reconstructing Mexico’s Social Fabric  [Pdf]
Cantú Rivera, Humberto

What Can Mexican Law Schools Learn from the American Legal Realists?  [Pdf]
Navarrete Aldaco, Luis Alfonso

The Role of China and the BRICS Project  [Pdf]
Oropeza García, Arturo

The Regulation of Corporate Bribery in Brazil  [Pdf]
Morosini, Fabio
Vaz Ferreira, Luciano

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