Biblioteca Jurídica Virtual
Número 9
Julio - Diciembre 2003
Revista Mexicana de Derecho Constitucional
ISSN 1405-9193
Cuestiones Constitucionales Número  9


Constitutionalism and internatio-nalism are two basic ideas giving sample of the interesting content of this article. Both, constitutionalism and internationalism cross parallel ways between them. The notion and protection of economic, social and cultural rights are integral, thought freedom of expression does not acquit nor compensates ignorance, insalubrity and misery. There is a statement according which the interpretation of human rights is not limited to the American Convention nor to the Protocol of San Salvador, but to the whole order of which they are part. Following this statement, the author explains in the central part of his article, the experiences of the way the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, (from which Mexico is part) has contributed in the matter. These experiences are the incursions in equality, elimination of discrimination, freedom of thought and religion, quality of life, freedom of association in comparison with labor unions and the relation between the native population and its territory. The author ends by announcing the most interesting subjects that are being discussed at the moment and which we are waiting for quick results such as children irregular situations, migratory workers and right to social security.

* Trabajo presentado en el Seminario sobre Justiciabilidad de los Derechos Económicos, Sociales y Culturales, realizado por el Centro por la Justicia y el Derecho Internacional y el Centro de Derechos Humanos de la Universidad de Notre Dame, en coordinación con el Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas de la UNAM, 26 de julio del 2002.
** Investigador del Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas de la UNAM y juez de la Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos.

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